Disrupting Your Kitchen

Millennials get a helping hand — or two — thanks to food innovations that help improve our nutrition.

Disrupting Your Kitchen

There are shifts happening everywhere today in the millennial mindset — from tech to housing. Another unexpected place where this is happening is… the kitchen. 

A Think with Google market research study found that nearly 60% of 25 to 34-year-olds head to the kitchen with smartphones in hand , staying connected even while cooking. For a generation raised on convenience, it’s no surprise they’re turning to cooking apps like Yummly for recipes, food info and meal plans. Apps like these are a step forward, but they’re just one of the many food innovations helping improve nutrition.

Mobile Meal Planning

Recipe apps have long been succeeding in attracting aspiring cooks. These apps help people discover and share recipes, but also help tailor meals to specific diets and preferences. This is why everyday people and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists alike are using technology to create customized dietary plans by entering restrictions.

Embracing Innovation

Unilever knows innovative startups like these can help us nimbly address the food issues our world is facing, but there are many ways to disrupt eating habits for the better. What about providing nutritious recipes in countries without smartphones? 

To support such inventive solutions for achieving our goal of improving nutrition, the Unilever Foundry helps startups’ dreams become reality. Take Digital Genius, for example, an engaging text-based “app” that helps people in Africa and Asia create nutritious meals:

Another way we support innovative food solutions and shakeup meal traditions is through the Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Awards. A great example is our support for the incredible developments of Dr. Gavin Armstrong and his Lucky Iron Fish initiative. His project tackles iron deficiency and works on improving nutrition around the world:

Even low-tech innovations and new approaches can make a difference in nutrition and convenience. For example, Knorr®’s Sides-to-Center approach can help families create nutritious, delicious meals in just three steps simple steps: combining a Knorr® side, a protein and veggies.

Whether helping everyday consumers make wiser choices through technology, supporting new approaches by innovators, or continuing to improve the taste and nutrition of our own food products, Unilever is committed to better products, better diets, and building better lives.

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