Lipton® Green Tea And Unsweetened Iced Tea: Naturally Refreshing

When balancing your diet, you’re drink choices are an important decisions as well. 

Lipton Tea

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s 2015–2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that we all make food and beverage choices count.  For meals, this means focusing on fruits, veggies and whole grains, but what about drinks? 

Since adults and children in the U.S. take in about 400 calories daily from their beverages  thanks to soda and other high-calorie drinks, focusing on calorie-free drinks throughout the day can be a great way to reduce calories while still staying hydrated. An easy solution: making various unsweetened teas apart of your mealtime routine.  

Try these simple suggestions to inspire mindful beverage choices and  enhance your next meal: 

  • Stock your cabinet; there’s a tea flavor for however you’re feeling, from savory Enticing Chai to tangy Lemon Ginger, so keep a variety handy. 
  • For a hint of additional flavor, add sliced citrus or fresh mint to iced or hot tea, respectively.
  • Plan ahead for your next mealtime beverage by brewing and storing a batch of iced tea in the fridge-it’s easy to do!
  • Swap one sugar-sweetened beverage a day with a zero-calorie, unsweetened Lipton® iced or hot tea to avoid consumption of empty calories.

Lipton® unsweetened iced tea is a naturally refreshing alternative to water. It is just as hydrating, contains zero calories, and has a great taste that will make any mealtime tastier. What’s more, 100% of Lipton® leaf tea sold in the U.S. is Rainforest Alliance Certified™. What’s not to love?

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