A Smarter Label: Food Information At Your Fingertips

With the new SmartLabel™ initiative, everything you could ever want to know about some of your favorite Unilever food is now just a click away. Whether you just want a little more information about what’s in your food, or are looking for something specific like whether or not food contains GMO-sourced ingredients, our goal is to help you make healthy and educated choices.

Food Information At Your Fingertips

With all of the options for food and drinks today, from organic products, cage-free eggs, foods with or without GMO-sourced ingredients, and gluten-free options, everyone wants to know what’s in their food. 

But it goes beyond what’s in it: they’re also interested in where the ingredients come from, and how the final product was made. 

That’s why Unilever is happy to announce we’ll be utilizing new SmartLabel™ technology for all the products in our family of brands to make accessing all the information you could want easier than ever.

What Is SmartLabel?™

SmartLabel™ is a system for discovering detailed information about your food in a quick, easy way. Besides displaying nutritional information and ingredients in an easier-to-read way, you can also find allergens, GMO information and any third-party certifications like Kosher certification, organic, cage-free or gluten-free. 

You can even find the growing method and country of origin for key ingredients, all displayed in a consistent, accessible layout on your smartphone or computer:

Which Unilever Products Will Use It?

You can find all our Foods and Refreshments products that use SmartLabel™ here

All of our brand websites also have links to SmartLabel™ for specific product information. Not only do our food and drinks like Country Crock®, Hellmann’s® and Lipton Tea® use this technology, but also our personal care brands like Simple Skincare®

With our commitment to transparency, SmartLabel™ is a great way to help us inform our customers about Unilever products. Since our products are used by more than 2 billion people every day, we make a wide array of product options – like our organic products, foods made with cage-free eggs, foods made with and without GMO-sourced ingredients, and even dairy-free ice-cream

We’re always striving to make sure we’re providing nutritious, tasty foods, and all of the information you want about the brands you love.

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