Our Approach to Offering an Array of Food Options

Our goal is to offer our customers a variety of choices while giving them as much information about our products and ingredients as possible. The same applies to our approach to the use of GMO ingredients and non-GMO sourced ingredients.

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop

GMOs – or Genetically Modified Organisms - are considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration and the World Health Organization. Ingredients from GMO crops are used in some of our products, and can help make food more affordable and abundant, which also can help us get closer to the United Nation’s Global Goal of Zero Hunger.

If you’re looking for products made with non-GMO-sourced ingredients, we’ve got options for you, as well. Our products that state “Non-GMO Sourced” on packaging or in SmartLabel all meet the Unilever non-GMO standard. 

As with all of our products, our products that use non-GMO-sourced ingredients will have to meet the Unilever Sustainable Agriculture Code and are designed to help us reach our goals of meeting our high nutritional standards

With more than one billion people globally enjoying our food and drinks every day, our goal is to offer a wide variety of products to meet everyone’s needs. Here are some products from some of our best known brands made with non-GMO-sourced ingredients:


You may know them best for their classic Real Mayonnaise, but Hellmann’s® offers many products and multiple non-GMO-sourced options. Their new Vegan Carefully Crafted Dressing for instance is made without eggs and contains non-GMO sourced ingredients, and neither do any of their new organic options.


All flavors of Lipton Tea's® classic black teas and green teas come from non-GMO-sourced ingredients, as well as many of their To Go packets and Iced Tea Mixes.

Ben & Jerry's

Easily the leader in our non-GMO-sourced offerings, Ben & Jerry’s does not use GMO-sourced ingredients in any of their ice creams sold in pints, quarts, mini-cups, or Scoop Shops, and hasn’t since 2014. They’ve also added another option recently with the launch of their Non-Dairy frozen dessert

We’re committed to giving people nutritious and tasty foods they love, and these non-GMO-sourced options are just another way we can meet the needs of the billion people consuming our products on a daily basis. 

With our commitment to transparency, we’ve begun using SmartLabel GMO disclosure for our foods so that whatever your choice, you can stay informed about your food.

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